Sugababie makes absolutely no claims about the possible benefits using our products may impart to your skin. Here’s what we know: we use all-natural ingredients, that each have a great profile when it comes to being healthy. We don’t think you should put anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat, if you had to. We choose ingredients that have loads of vitamins and antioxidants and other supposedly good-for-you stuff. But truly, in the end, Sugababie is all about feeling great! Your skin will feel great. And you will feel great knowing that you’re using an all-natural product that doesn’t contain parabens or propyl polyglcol- something or others. And if you happen to notice some skin benefits for yourself (and most people do) that’s just icing on the cake as far as we’re concerned. Of course, you should always check with your doctor or dermatologist if you have specific questions about your skin. And if for some reason you develop an irritation from a Sugababie product you should, of course, discontinue use immediately.

Sugababie products have not been medically tested. We cannot make any claims about the effects of our products on any particular skin conditions – we can only talk about the success stories we’ve heard from our customers, friends, and our owner. Check out the testimonials page to see what our customers have to say.

Our products contain no ARTIFICIAL preservatives. But quite a few of our ingredients act as preservatives. Vitamin E for example. Also citric acid and the essential oils themselves have preservative (and often antiseptic) qualities. Since our products are oil-based and not water-based, they aren’t good environments for bacteria to grow. This is also the reason that you should avoid getting water into your products.

Our products have a shelf life of about 18 months as long as they are unopened. There is no need to refrigerate your products! If the product melts a little just stir and place in room temperature and the butter will return back to its previous state.